Q: What is Cervico?

A: Cervico is a system of tools that assists you to place your implant in the ideal prosthetic position, generate an anatomically shaped soft tissue profile at time of implant placement or uncovery and record the later accurately at the impression stage.

Q: What is the cervico concept of treatment?

A: The Cervico Concept of Treatment is a concept that combines the available research data of many well established concepts that are proven to be fundamental for long term stable results.The Cervico System is a a system of tools that makes the application of this concept easy, fast and cost effective.

Q: Where can I get information about the cervico concept of treatment?

A: Several papers have been submitted for publication or are already published and are available from VPI upon request. Many CE Courses on Cervico Treatment Concept take place around the globe from top level educators in the Implant field. Make sure you visit our page https://innovatoholdings.com/events/ and get informed for any courses taking place currently.

Q: Do I need to get trained before I buy the Cervico System?

A: The use of Cervico System per se is very simple for any doctor with minimal experience in implant therapy. However we strongly recommend that you get familiarised with the Cervico Concept of Treatment so that you can understand the philosophy and the clinical protocols involved and take full advantage of this innovative system of tools.

Q: How does the Cervico System work?

A: Utilise Cervico guide and

  • evaluate the available dimensions of the edentulous space in mesio-distal and apico-coronal directions so that you know if an implant and prosthesis can be placed

  • Identify the right shape and size custom healing abutment in need

  • Place your implant in the ideal prosthetically driven position

    Utilise the Cervico Mold and

  • fabricate the ideal custom healing abutment and duplicate impression post

  • Install the custom healing abutment on the implant and let the tissue heal following one or two stage protocol

  • At impression stage replace the custom healing abutment with the duplicate impression post and proceed with the impression process

  • Pour the impression and fabricate the working model

Q: What is the Cervico Guide?

A: The Cervico Guide is a re-usable, autoclavable tool that can assist you with prosthetically driven implant positioning but it can also guide you in order to select the right shape and size custom healing abutment in need for your case. Additionally the Cervico Guide can be used for evaluation of the available mesio-distal and apico-coronal dimension of the edentulous site in a matter of seconds and prevent clinical disasters. For more information, visit our website: https://innovatoholdings.com/cervico-guide/

Q: Do I need the Cervico Guide if I plan my cases digitally?

A: The Cervico Guide is a multi-use tool that can be used on a daily basis in your office not only as a surgical guide but also as a diagnostic and restorative guide. The fact that it is a re-usable and operator friendly tool makes it necessary for every clinician practicing the Cervico Concept of treatment.

Q: What is the Cervico Mold?

A: The Cervico Mold is a multi-use tool that allows your assistant to fabricate anatomically shaped healing abutments, impression posts and scan bodies within a 3 minutes time frame. It also allows you to duplicate a temporary prosthesis to an impression post or a Scan post by utilising the available in the mold Duplication Well and following the duplication process. For more details please visit our website: https://innovatoholdings.com/cervico-mold/

Q: What temporary abutments or impression posts can I customise with the Cervico Mold?

A: You can utilise the temporary abutments and stock impression posts available by the implant company that provides your implants in your office. In the Cervico Mold you can easily customise both one or two pieces temporary abutments and impression posts, made out of titanium, or peek, or POM. You can also customise Ti-bases, Temporary cylinders of multi-unit type abutments, etc. What we strongly recommend is to evaluate the surface of the component you wish to customise and if the latter is smooth with no engaging features (e.g groves) then make sure that you modify it with a carbide bur and/or sandblasting to ensure proper mechanical attachment of the composite resin on the latter.

Q: How do you achieve the connection of the composite resin to the temporary abutment or impression post?

A: The connection between the composite resin and the pillar of the abutment or impression post is mechanical. It is necessary for the pillar to be rough or have some type of engaging features. In case your component doe not have these engaging features then we strongly recommend for you to create them by means of utilising a round carbide bur.

Q: What composite resin material do I need to use with Cervico System?

A: Any flowable, nano-hybrid composite material can be utilised. It is important that the composite material receives proper polishing and disinfection prior to clinical use. VPI makes available for the EU market the VPI EASY NanoFlow Composite resin material. The latter comprises Ti-oxide particles that provide extra strength while at the same time make it radiopaque and scannable.

Q: How do I disinfect the Cervico healing abutment prior to clinical use?

A: You can utilise known and well proven protocols of disinfection of implant prostheses. One of the best protocols for this purpose involve the disinfection of the cervico healing abutment in an ultra-sonic bath and 95’ alcohol solution for 5 minutes. The Cervico healing abutment is thoroughly rinsed with sterile saline solution and it then installed onto the implant.

Q: Does the Cervico Mold work with my implants?

A: The Cervico Mold can be adjusted to work with literally any implant system. Please visit our page https://innovatoholdings.com/additional-tools/ in order to see the complete list of implant brands that currently can function with the Cervico Mold. Once you place your order the operating system will ask you to identify the implant brand/implant type/platform size of the implant system you use in your clinic. The personnel of VPI will adapt your Cervico Mold to work with the requested implant systems, according to your desires.

Q: How many implant systems can one Cervico Mold accommodate?

A: One Cervico Mold can accommodate up to 36 different implant brands/types/platforms.

Q: In case I change or add different implant brands in my clinic in the future, will I need to buy a different Cervico Mold?

A: No. All you need to do is inform us about the new implant systems you use and we will be able to provide you with the necessary components that need to be purchased by VPI and installed in your old mold.

Q: Is the Cervico system sterilizable?

A: YES. All the components of the Cervico System are sterilisable following the standard methods of sterilisation as per your dental tools. Please visit our page for detailed information on this matter: https://innovatoholdings.com/guide-sterilisation-process/

Q: Isn’t Cervico a bit expensive?

 A: Let’s see the full picture:

  • It is proven that approximately 70% of your clinical cases will involve single implants. It is also proven that ideal implant positioning is fundamental and can only be achieved predictably with the use of a surgical guide since the final positioning depends on the optical angle of the operator more than his experience or dexterity. In case you place 50 single implants in a year and you utilise a surgical guide provided by a lab at a value of 50$ each, then the CERVICO GUIDE alone will save you 2500$.

  • It is proven that an anatomical cervical soft tissue profile is fundamental in order for the plaque zone to be located close to the cervical profile of the prosthesis and thus be accessible to the patient when the latter applies oral hygiene measures. The daily effective disturbance of plaque is crucial in order to prevent mucositis and subsequently peri-implantitis. The alternative, to CERVICO, methods of custom cervical profile development involve the use of temporary prostheses in a single or repeated manner, or pre-fabricated anatomical healing abutments, or milled (Digital) anatomical healing abutments. In the same scenario of 50 single implant cases the costs involved for your office, (components and lab fees where applicable), are as follows based on available prices in certain EU markets (Temporary prostheses: 3,750$, Prefabricated anatomical healing abutments: 3,750 - 6,000$, Milled anatomical healing abutments: 5,000$, CERVICO: 1600$).

  • A Cervico healing abutment has a cost equal to the cost of the temporary abutment of your implant company + 4$ (average cost of composite used). Most importantly the Cervico healing abutment utilises none of your personal working time since the dental assistant is fabricating it and not you. This comes in contrast to the alternative methods involving clinical time (Temporary prostheses, Milled healing abutments). Remember the most expensive Cost in your clinic is your valuable working time!

    DO YOU STILL BELIEVE THAT CERVICO SYSTEM is a bit expensive? Make the math!

Q: Where can I buy it?

 A:  Right here, on our e-shop!

We also have a wide network of distributors in different countries. Make sure you look at our list of distributors in our page: https://innovatoholdings.com/locate-a-dealer/

Q: Do you ship in my country?

A: We ship worldwide with DHL Express.